Beyond Adventure as a surprise gift? Why not!

22. Juli 2024

The Beyond Adventure Alps Crossing is fast approaching, and it promises to be the highlight of this summer.  As the dates draw near and anticipation builds, why not consider … gifting this once-in-a-lifetime journey to your loved ones? Beyond Adventure Alps Cross... weiterlesen

The Joy of Shared Adventures

25. Juni 2024

Did you know that a large portion of our adventurers are couples? Because those who explore together, stay together! :) And the friends you meet on the road are like-minded souls who share laughter, stories, and unforgettable adventures with you. Adventure is truly special when e... weiterlesen


18. Juni 2024

Challenges push us out of our comfort zones and give our lives more purpose. Driving gives us a sense of freedom. The mountain air is a fountain of youth. Beyond Adventure Alps Crossing offers the ultimate mountain driving challenge. What could be better? Maybe the fact that thi... weiterlesen

Get ready for a truly unique journey through Bhutan!

3. Juni 2024

Unlike most visitors who travel in minibuses, Beyond Adventure offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore this mystical land on a self-drive adventure. Bhutan is an exclusive retreat for drivers: the country has no traffic lights and no highways. Have you ever experienced ... weiterlesen

Cross the Alps in Comfort and Style

27. Mai 2024

At Beyond Adventure, we take the iconic Porsche 911 to places where no one else dares. Our specially prepared cars are built for durability and top-notch performance, making the impossible possible. Only we dare to navigate the most challenging terrains with the Porsche 911 ... weiterlesen

Unveiling Bhutan: A Driving Adventure Like No Other!

14. Mai 2024

Picture a place where the roads less traveled are the only ones worth taking. That’s where we’re headed—a country that’s still a mystery to many. But not to us. We’ve unlocked the secrets of its winding paths and breathtaking sceneries. And now, we’re in... weiterlesen

North Bound or South Bound? Don't delay—there are still some cars waiting for you!

13. Mai 2024

The Alps offer everything: gravel roads, mountain passes, villages, and endless views. Beyond Adventure Alps Crossing leads you to discover hidden spots and winding roads between towering peaks. And we offer two variants of Beyond Adventure! Beyond Adventure, The Alps Crossing North B... weiterlesen

Stories Behind the Pictures

2. April 2024

In the heart of the National Park in Africa, our Beyond Adventure took an unexpected turn when we found ourselves face to face with a leopard. With engines off to avoid disturbing this magnificent creature, we were immersed in the moment. But just as we prepared to move on, one car refused to s... weiterlesen

Rising Sun: The True Adventurer of Scenic Roads

25. März 2024

Do you know that every car from the KALMAR Beyond Adventure Fleet has its own name? We previously shared the story of the Zebra car, the remarkable KALMAR CS. Today, let us introduce you to the Rising Sun - an exceptional KALMAR RS #3. Tasked with creating a sports car capable of traversing fr... weiterlesen

Trans-Africa: the experience you longed for!

18. März 2024

Were you glued to watching the “real” Paris to Dakar rallies, where teams raced their way over endless dunes digging and dragging themselves across the soft sand, and wishing you too could be experiencing this first-hand? If you long for such an experience, then the Beyond Adventure Tran... weiterlesen