The Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa 2024


After a mega successful 39-day Trans-Andes Rally in South America in 2022 with crazy 11.500 kilometers along the Andes the KALMAR Beyond Adventure ‘Trans’ series was born. All under the motto ‘we start where others stop’ we go with these event series even more extreme when it comes to duration, distance, routes, and destination and we push the limits of cars and drivers even further - far away from places normally visited by the average tourist. 

We now look forward to the next chapter of our epic ‘Trans’ series: 
TRANS-AFRICA 2024 from August 26 – September 13, 2024!

This time we are venturing into Southern Africa – which means amazing safari destinations, perfect for game-drives but is also a blend of unique habitats, incredible cultures and a nature spectacle second to none, all experienced through the windscreen of “your” Porsche!

An extraordinary 19-day drive with up to 6.000 kilometers showcases Africa’s natural uniqueness paired with exceptional lodging locations and an ultimate driving experience through the windscreen of the KALMAR fleet - specially-prepared Porsche Cayennes or air-cooled 911s. 

The adventure starts in Namibia with unbelievable views and desert landscapes, and gradually the animal sightings begin. Then untouched Angola, the little-explored nation is a virgin land we’re visiting before its beauty gets known to the world. Then onto Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, before the journey takes us to Botswana, featuring abundant wildlife including the big five, the mysterious Makgadikgadi pans, and the famous Okavango delta wetlands.

We start where others stop. We do not settle for the ordinary. We are Beyond Adventure. Are you adventurous enough, mad enough, brave enough? Do you want to be part of an extraordinary 19-day driving adventure in Africa? We promise you will be talking about this trip for many, many years to come. Let us know and we will send you more details of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary vehicles perfectly suited for the challenges.

Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS
Re-engineered well-proven Porsche 964/993 so they can be used in adventurous environments normally not visited. Rally prepared, special wheels, roll cages, underbody protection, lifted rally shock absorbers etc.

Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS
Made for adventure and delivering off-road performance beyond your expectations and simply tailored for challenges for epic overland driving! Full underbody and front protection, mud-terrain tires, light weight reduction etc.


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