Rising Sun: The True Adventurer of Scenic Roads

Do you know that every car from the KALMAR Beyond Adventure Fleet has its own name? We previously shared the story of the Zebra car, the remarkable KALMAR CS. Today, let us introduce you to the Rising Sun - an exceptional KALMAR RS #3.

Tasked with creating a sports car capable of traversing frozen lakes, scaling mountains, and dominating racing circuits worldwide, the KALMAR RS was born. A lightweight, robust gravel car, it thrives in the toughest conditions, serving as a true workhorse. Equipped with functioning air conditioning from the get-go, a five or six-speed manual transmission, and weighing in at just 1300 kg with 260-290 bhp, it's truly remarkable!

When customers shared their ideas for the car's livery design, the name 'Rising Sun' emerged organically. The rising sun symbolizes new beginnings, hope, and fresh starts. This car has had several remarkable beginnings - crossing the Alps, exploring the Atacama desert and Uyuni salt flats, and conquering the challenging terrain of the African Highlands - not once, but twice!

In April 2024, the Rising Sun will venture into the breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. Then, in August 2024, it will be part of the exceptional Trans-Africa Fleet, journeying through remote, often restricted areas in countries rarely visited by the average tourist.

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Veröffentlicht am: 25. März 2024
Kategorie: Reise / Touristik