North Bound or South Bound? Don't delay—there are still some cars waiting for you!

The Alps offer everything: gravel roads, mountain passes, villages, and endless views. Beyond Adventure Alps Crossing leads you to discover hidden spots and winding roads between towering peaks. And we offer two variants of Beyond Adventure!

Beyond Adventure, The Alps Crossing North Bound is a “First edition” as we offer this for the first time. Four countries and over ten mountain passes are just the beginning of the story. This adventure is more on-road oriented. Get ready to tackle numerous famous Alps passes, putting your Porsche to the test as you navigate up and down the rugged terrain.

Beyond Adventure, The Alps Crossing South Bound is a thrilling experience. Few have dared to charge down a steep gravel road in a classic air-cooled Porsche—making it a truly unique adventureThree countries and ten mountain passes are just the start of the adventure that lies ahead. 

Choose your own adventure and experience our distinctive concept: drive independently while the support team stays close. Enjoy top-end accommodation, safety assurance, and knowledgeable local guides throughout your journey. From start to finish, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience in the driver's seat of a specially prepared Porsche.

Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! 
Book your seat today and let the Beyond Adventure begin!

24.08 - 31.08 South Bound
01.09 - 07.09 North Bound

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