The word "Safari" in Swahili means "to travel". You might have experienced a "Safari" from a minibus in Masai Mara before. As our motto is "we start where the others normally stop", we recommend you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to a unique self-drive in the heart of Africa – through Rwanda & Uganda on a real Safari! 

It will wake your inner adventurer when cruising along the famous red African gravel roads and raise your pulse when getting up close and spotting endangered wildlife in the unfenced national parks! Look forward to driving through marvelous landscapes with volcanic mountains, lush jungles, tea plantations, never-ending savannahs, diverse flora and fauna, lakes and not forgetting the river Nile. Simply views over imagination!

Up in the Virunga volcanic mountains - a true highlight full of elation or to some even a life-changing experience - is waiting for you! You will be hiking through misty bamboo forest and will be able to track and get face-to-face with endangered Mountain Gorillas who roam in this habitat. Thanks to these projects the number of gorillas has increased over the last 10 year with 20% - a real conservation fairytale story.

When I did the location check trip – the image when a gorilla mother holding her little baby suddenly was sitting right there in front of me and looking at me – will remain with me forever. You will be captivated and enlightened as they go about their day, unperturbed. Not a moment to miss! But the entire adventure is much more than the mountain gorillas and the other primates. We will also track lions and other big cats and even a self-drive night safari is on the menu. To complement this real African experience, you will also be mesmerized by all the colors in the nature and of the beautiful people. 

For Beyond Adventure our unbroken aim is to always select the best available accommodation. In Rwanda and Uganda we have some world-class and memorable lodges and escapes along the route. After fantastic days of driving and unlimited impressions around you, these lodges will become the perfect hideaways to relax and to let your mind and body recharge. And there is no better place than only the best.

Do you prefer treetop-skimming luxury villas secluded in wonderfully untamed greenery? Or do you like it even wilder on a small island in the middle of the mighty river Nile? 
Get inspired and have a look at some of the overnights awaiting you:

One & Only Resorts - Gorilla's Nest 
Nile Safari Lodge 

After 20+ times to Africa this trip simply took my breath away. So, whether you are new to Africa or been there many times, this trip will be special for everyone just like it was for myself. Simply a perfectly combined driving adventure, excitement and relaxation which lets you fully enjoy this amazing continent.




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