Cross the Alps in Comfort and Style

At Beyond Adventure, we take the iconic Porsche 911 to places where no one else dares. Our specially prepared cars are built for durability and top-notch performance, making the impossible possible.

Only we dare to navigate the most challenging terrains with the Porsche 911 because we know our custom-prepared vehicles can handle it all. From steep mountain passes to rugged trails, nothing is impossible with our Beyond Adventure Safari fleet.

Our cars combine unparalleled comfort with thrilling performance. Instead of the typical stay, embark on an unforgettable journey, soaking in breathtaking views from a different perspective.

Enjoy the magic of the Alps from behind the wheel of our custom-made vehicles, where every turn offers a new vista and every moment is an adventure. 

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Beyond Adventure Safari Fleet

Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary vehicles perfectly suited for the challenges.

Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS
Re-engineered well-proven Porsche 964/993 so they can be used in adventurous environments normally not visited. Rally prepared, special wheels, roll cages, underbody protection, lifted rally shock absorbers etc.

Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS
Made for adventure and delivering off-road performance beyond your expectations and simply tailored for challenges for epic overland driving! Full underbody and front protection, mud-terrain tires, light weight reduction etc.

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October 20 – October 27, 2024

Bhutan, a hidden gem in the heart of the Himalayas, boasts ancient Buddhist culture and stunning natural beauty. Join us as we unveil its magic just for you.
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January 2025 

A thrilling combination of real ice and rally tracks becomes the ideal playground to challenge yourself and "your" rally prepared air-cooled Porsche on WRC tires. Why not experience the real deal, where you can to push the cars to their limits? 
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May 2025 Get ready for one of the greatest safari driving adventures in the world even further enhanced by experiencing it from behind the steering wheel of a Porsche. A true bucket-list territory awaits – the best of Namibia. 
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June 1 – June 19, 2025 

A challenge to cross remote, often restricted areas in countries normally not visited by the average tourist. Not a dream for many, but definitely a special opportunity for a few. Wanna be the few? 
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Discover unique landscapes, fascinating indigenous culture, and unfamiliar wildlife on this challenging driving adventure.
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