Get into the racing seat - Experience the real deal and push yourself and “your” Porsche 911 (964/993) Rally Edition to the limit!

Our Spirit of Speed Arctic program has a unique blend of performance driving, technical knowledge and advanced driving skills taught by 9-times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen himself to evolve your driving from a basic skill into an absolute enjoyment! All done in a dream fleet of air-cooled Porsche 911s.

We are excited to share with you the latest official announcement that Finland will open its borders to leisure travel starting from the 23rd of November. So are you in the mood for real ice and snow driving action for 2021?  

Prepare yourself for 2 driving days in a Porsche 911 (964/993) Rally Edition – a modern classic with manual transmission, no driving ads, rally prepared with sports seats, racing seat belts and roll cages which offers pure driving pleasure and puts you as a driver in the focus. All cars are fitted with intercom and video systems for data acquisition to improve your driving skills rapidly.
To experience ”the real deal”, we have added a game-changer – real World Rally Championship tires. The WRC tires add a whole new dimension - this is not just a standard road tire with maybe a bit longer spikes. These are the exact works WRC tires with 384 spikes in total which win the Swedish Winter Rally! Yes, we have access to the works tires so we can offer you the best winter rally tire ever produced.

Explore what Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen is all about!

• Arctic Control: January 11-14, 2021
• Arctic Control: January 13-16, 2021
• Arctic Race: January 15-18, 2021

Flexible and free cancellation terms due to Covid-19 apply at least up to December 1st, 2020.



(12th-18th March, 2021)

Siberia is one of those places that most have heard about and only a few have visited voluntarily. With Beyond Adventure we make it possible to go straight on to the nature highlight of the region, Lake Baikal. We always do things the spectacular way… You get the keys to an air-cooled Porsche 911 fitted with special ice tires and being guided driving on the 2-meter thick crystal clear 31.000 km2 large ice cube! Staying in warm Yurts on the lake! Yes, this is adventure pure!
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(19th-25th June, 2021)

 Enjoy world-class food at the world's best restaurants combined with an unusual visit to this fairytale country! We have created the "Denmark Gourmet Special" to attract those of you who see food as more than a necessity to survive. In addition to the gourmet experience also experience the hidden beauties of our little kingdom. Denmark is calling you to discover clean air, amazing food and good vibes! Drive your own car, air-cooled Porsche 911s or Porsche Cayennes.
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(29th June–8th July, 2021)

Ready for the close encounter with endangered mountain gorillas? Some describe this experience as spiritual! This is an Adventure for all with a desire to see the real Africa. Get up close with the amazing African wildlife, but as always, we add the "Beyond Adventure magic" to it. Experience the unexpected cleanliness of Rwanda spiced up with the capturing vistas of never-ending tea plantations. Continue to Uganda which surely is more "Africa". That is the ultimate safari - hard ever to top.
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(16th-21th July, 2021)

We have paired up with Elferspot so that the Alps-Crossing is truly a bucket-list-worth experience you never thought possible! Routes passing the highest mountains in Europe using mostly unknown gravel passages far from the average tourist routes. Challenging roads and endless mountain passes – routes we hardly believe exist so close to the civilized world right in the heart of industrial Europe.  We do offer our specially prepared air-cooled Porsche 911s and Porsche Cayennes if more comfort is requested.
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