Android App for graphical design of Ex control boxes

The App is made for a very esay way to design control boxes/ control stations. Use all possibilities of a modern smart phone or tablet

Start screen of the App

Start screen of the App


With this Quintex App you can design your own specific control box or control station for hazardous areas within glasfibre reinforced polyester as well as in stainless steel enclosures. The use is very easy: the design is based on a graphical interface . You define the quantity of functions (up to 15) you need based on our standard pre-defined enclosures we use for control boxes. By clicking the needed build up, you reach another screen where you can place the function you need by select them and drag the function to the position it is wanted. If you want to know the function of the selected item in detail just touch the picture a bit longer and you will see a short explanation. If you select switch functions or illuminated pushbuttons you will be ask for the characteristic of the switching module (NC, NO...). You can also define your needed glands (quantity and size) on top and buttom side of the enclosure. During all stages of your design you can see the actual price of your control box. When you are ready with your design steps you can save the picture of this control box or directly send it as an inquiry to us. By sending the email you can also define label text of the function and special notes.

Do get an impresion how to work with this app we made a little iodeo you can find at our video channel at youtube.Follow this link>>>.

You can download this Android App at the Google playtore within our channel there.

Use this link>>or scan our QR code you will find here

Veröffentlicht am: 20. November 2017
Kategorie: Elektrotechnik